The Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently issued the “14th five year plan” for environmental health work

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently issued the “14th five year plan” for environmental health work.

The plan proposes that by 2025, the distribution characteristics of high environmental health risk sources in key areas of the country will be basically mastered, and the layout of environmental health risk monitoring will initially take shape; Further improve the environmental health standard system and develop a number of technical specifications and model calculation software for environmental health risk assessment; Carry out environmental health management pilot projects in 10~15 regions, and realize multi-level, diversified and characteristic development of environmental health management; Build a professional team and carry out business training for 50000 people in total; Create a good atmosphere for the whole society to support and participate in environmental health work, and the environmental health literacy level of residents across the country has reached 20% or more.

Making every effort to build a healthy and beautiful China has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of “integrating health into all policies” and “strengthening ecological environment and health management” proposed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and provided an opportunity for further exploring a new path of health priority and green development. Environmental health work will pursue higher goals from a new starting point.

From the perspective of challenges, the structural, root cause and trend pressure of China’s ecological environment protection has not been fundamentally relieved, and the pollution problems in key regions and industries are still prominent. China has turned to the stage of high-quality development. Promoting the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development and realizing the improvement of environmental quality from quantitative change to qualitative change will stimulate more levels and diversified ecological environment management needs. China’s environmental health work is still in the exploratory stage and lacks practical experience. Greater efforts are needed to support precise, scientific and legal pollution control.


Source: MEE