NEEC is a network-organization working proactively with Norwegian and Chinese stakeholders to promote their interests.

We do this through inviting individual companies, agencies, and institutions, as well as established networks and partnerships to become members of our consortium, and to share their inputs so that we can promote their interests effectively together with our Chinese partners and contacts.

Our aim is to create a competitive edge for Norwegian energy and environmental industries in the global marketplace through collaboration.

Through a membership in NEEC, you can maintain a 100% focus on your core business and competence, while enjoying the benefits of new opportunities, higher visibility, better market access and potential business partners.

Benefits of joining NEEC

NEEC is well connected to official and academic institutions in Norway, and will help facilitate their collaboration with Norwegian businesses and business networks.

As a member, you will be able to take part in developing the objectives, strategies, activities and operational mode of the consortium as we evolve. A membership in NEEC will advance your business advantages towards the Chinese markets, and through NEEC your knowledge in areas which are not easily found or accessible for a foreign company/institution in China will be enhanced.

As far as possible, we will publish information relevant to NEEC’s areas of interest on our webpage and in our forthcoming newsletter. In addition, we send out member’s profiles at intervals to keep the actors in the Chinese market aware and updated on the Norwegian technologies and possibilities for cooperation.

If you as a NEEC member would need more specialized service, you are always welcome to use our consulting services. As a NEEC member, you can also enjoy certain economic benefits in the initial face of the project planning.

For more information or to join NEEC, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!




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