N2 Applied

The raison d’être of N2 Applied is to fundamentally improve global food production by means of enabling farmers to individually produce fertilizers from manure, air and other forms of renewable energy.

This corporate mission has been birthed by the company’s keen recognition of 2 major, globally applicable considerations, i.e., first, the technological consideration that the 22 million tons of global annual loss of ammonia can be transformed into fertilizer in replacement of fossil fuel based nitrogen fertilizer, and second, the environmental and economical consideration that the alternative fertilizer has the potential of assisting in both environmental preservation and shortening the value chain of traditional fertilizer.

For the execution of this mission, N2 Applied has proudly developed a technology to produce nitrogen fertilizer on the farm, through fixing nitrogen from air and reaction with ammonia in manure or biogas digestate. The reaction stops ammonia losses and increases the nitrogen content in the manure or digestate. It also removes the odor from the nitrogen enriched fertilizer product.

N2’s useful technology enables the livestock farmer to recycle nitrogen and produce fertilizer with lower gaseous greenhouse emissions, improved resource efficiency and reduced cost. The technology might be able to imprint upon the agricultural world with astounding extensiveness and depth. Specifically, the technology will complement and may eventually substitute fossil-fuel based industrial fertilizer, which will ultimately reshape the old linear fertilizer production chain from linear to circular.

The multi-faceted strengths and benefits of N2’s technology are ingeniously incorporated in the Nplasma reactor which fixates nitrogen from the air by splitting the N2 and Omolecules in the air into N and O atoms forming nitrogen oxides. Subsequently, the nitrogen oxides are absorbed into liquid manure or biogas digestate and combined with free ammonia to form ammonium nitrate. These Nitrogen oxides constitute the basis for nitric acid, which neutralizes the liquid by lowering the pH and is the key component for converting ammonia to a stable ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

Scientific intricacy and design ingenuity aside, what Noffers in reality is both widely practical and persistently adjustable: NApplied’s proprietary absorption system can be adapted to various types of manure or digestate generated during the productive processes of livestock farming, organic farming, biogas plants and off-grid agricultural locales spread across the most productivity deprived parts of the world. And to ensure the smooth operation and continuous future proofing of N2’s plasma reactors, every single unit of this signature creation is connected to the N2 Cloud, which is a digital environment where all production data is stored and analyzed, enabling remote operation and maintenance of the reactors and forms the basis for value-added services to the customers.