Scandinavian Water Technology AS

Scan Water

Scandinavian Water Technology AS, has been providing quality water to the Norwegian people since 1985 and has accumulated a wealth of relevant experience and corporate reputation over the past 30 years. Its services are also well received in the country. Under the cooperation of more than 100 water quality water source engineers in Scan Water, the company’s service level has been known globally for its competent adaptation to local conditions and individual customization.

ScanWater’s products and personalized service solutions are primarily applicable to the following markets and sectors:

– Solutions for water and wastewater treatment projects (local solutions or one-stop solutions)

– Water resources humanitarian assistance

– Optimization of urban water and wastewater treatment systems

Scan Water’s parent company, Malthe Winje Group (MWG), is a Norwegian engineering group with more than 90 years of history and an internationally applauded reputation in infrastructure construction. ScanWater’s collaboration with its parent company enables the former to provide a complete solution for more complex environmental conditions and infrastructure systems. For example, it is the automation technology and solutions provided by the parent company MWG that enables ScanWater to meet the needs of customers in real-time monitoring of drinking water quality. The collaboration of the parent company not only gives ScanWater the ability to provide the next-in-one solution for the environment, but also injects sufficient financial security and power into ScanWater in areas where there is a large capital requirement. ScanWater is also a trusted mentor, relying on the support of leading international environmental technologies, and providing training services to people and businesses in need at competitive prices in the industry.

If your infrastructural project is large in scale, ScanWater can also leverage its multi-channel economic resources to help you finance. Meanwhile, ScanWater has close ties with Norwegian universities and government departments, so that it can integrate the above resources in addition to independent research, and build an excellent platform for long-term and short-term technical exchanges and learning.

ScanWater’s intent for cooperation:

The purchase of products and services (export directly from Norway)

The establishment joint ventures (such as Sino-Norweg joint ventures)

(such as strategic alliances, technology alliances or capital alliances)

Patent Technology Certification / Technology TransferDirect capital injection (into the company)

Drafting contracts

The provision of one-stop solution and implementation

Model project construction (requires on-site inspection, tailored to local conditions)

And others that fit both yours and ScanWater’s field of interest and expertise!