Airborne Wind Energy


KITEMILL develops a breakthrough wind energy technology based on stronger and more consistent winds at higher altitudes (between 500 and 1500 meters).

First and foremost our solutions might offer our partners the following competitive edge:

* may reduce the levelized cost of energy with 50%

* use 90% less material compared to traditional wind

* increased energy yield (full load hours)

* Geographical market for wind energy will expand as many poor wind sites become good wind sites

Kitemill was founded in 2008 and has developed an autonomous operating kite turbine prototype (5 kW). We are currently 8 employees and preparing the first product at small scale (20kW) for continuous operation.

Our envisioned scaling steps chiefly include a 150 kW commercial capacity by 2021, and 500 kW by 2023. Scaling study show few obstacles for multi MW units, to be operated in large wind farms well suited to change global energy mix.

New energy technologies are always enabled through strong political incentives. Kitemill believes China, with it’s forceful and determined climate friendly politics, is a good candidate to enable the commercial market for Airborne Wind Energy.

Kitemill seeks partners to assist in the expansion of technological, financial and commercial potential in the Chinese market and more specifically to contribute to our partnership in the following respects:

* establish demonstration plants (area, local gov. approval, airspace regulations and more…)

* work with governmental institutions on technical certification

* meteorological resources (Wind energy map above 500 meters agl)

* R&D institutions

* Finance, incentives

* direct investment in Kitemill technology

* production of hardware

* developers of wind energy power plants (future customers)

Please visit our website: and contact Thomas Haarklau (CEO), or Jon Gjerde, director for more detailed information.