WAI Environmental Solutions AS is a Norwegian technology company specializing in the development and implementation environmental technologies in the treatment of wastewater, bio-sludge, soil and hazardous waste.

From both their headquarters in Norway and subsidiary branch in the Shandong province of China, WAI is also known for providing smart, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to issues associated with municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, river water treatment, solid waste valorisation, soil remediation and renewable energy (biogas).

WAI customizes services on a case-specific basis and therefore guarantees an optimized cutting-edge solution which best fits the requirements of their customers.

WAI’s core technologies mainly include the BFR (Biofilm Filtration Reactor), an advanced CDP (Cross-Bed Drying Pyrolysis), SealTank and Synolys, which jointly provide some of the newest means to a range of prominent sustainability issues particularly the treatment of wastewater, river and aquaculture water (BFR), the recycle of bio-based resources (CDP), the enhancement of anti-corrosion containers (SealTank) and the maximization of the biogas productivity of anaerobic digesters.