About NEEC

In 2005 Innovation Norway established the Norwegian Energy and Environment Consortium (NEEC). The consortium is headed by Innovation Norway, and consists of technology providers, project developers, test facilities and research institutions. NEEC is a platform for promoting and coordinating its members vis-à-vis potential partners and projects in China. At the same time, NEEC and its members represent potential partners for Chinese stakeholders looking to expand abroad.

Important activities for the Consortium include market research and project identification, as well as mobilisation, such as delegations, technical workshops, roundtable discussions and pavilions etc. All activities are run in close collaboration with NEEC-members and partners.

NEEC operates its own bilingual website, sharing news, reports and opportunities in the energy and environment sectors in both Norway and China.

Important sectors

The consortium is presently divided into three main clusters: Water & Waste, Wind Energy and Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS). The clusters are addressing some of China’s greatest challenges in the energy and environment sectors, such as water treatment and clean energy. These are areas where Norwegian stakeholders have leading technology and experience.

Each of the clusters has members ranging from R&D institutions, test centres, technology providers and project developers. Members have technology and know-how that are complementary to existing members, leading to a comprehensive value-chain in specific fields.




Contact Information:

Norwegian Energy & Environment Consortium (NEEC),

Address: c/o Innovation Norway, Royal Norwegian Embassy,

No. 1 San Li Tun, Dong Yi Jie Beijing, 100600, P.R. China.

Tel:   +86-10-8532 9600

Fax:   +86-10-6532 2398

E-mail: support@neec.no




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