Bidding for wind turbine (including tower) of 1million kW offshore wind power project!

On June 10, Longyuan Power Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd. invited public bidding for the procurement of wind turbine equipment (including tower) for Sheyang 1million kW offshore wind power project.

Longyuan Sheyang 1million kW offshore wind power project (the original Sheyang h3~h5 project) is located in the southeast sea area of Sheyang estuary. A complete set of wind turbine generator units (including fan auxiliary equipment, tower equipment, tower flange, tower accessories and unit booster equipment) with a single unit capacity of 7mw or more, a total number of no more than 126, and a total capacity of 1000MW (the allowable deviation is not greater than the single unit capacity of 1 typhoon generator unit), including all necessary materials, monitoring systems, automatic lifting devices, lifting tools, spare parts, special tools, consumables, and design Technical data and technical services, etc. The delivery period is from September 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023.

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