Second China-Europe Energy Technology Innovation Cooperation forum

In order to support the implementation of activities announced in the Joint Statement on the Implementation of EU-China Energy Cooperation, the European Chamber and the EPPEI are jointly leading work on China-Europe Energy Innovation Cooperation (CEEI) under the guidance of the National Energy Administration (NEA) of China. Over the past year, units under the CEEI network have carried out activities in key fields such as hydrogen, smart energy, energy storage and wind power, and made remarkable progress in technological exchanges, joint R&D, innovation incubation and project promotion.

Aiming at further promoting the commercialisation and large-scale application of innovative energy technologies, the EPPEI will hold the 2nd China-Europe Energy Technology Innovation Cooperation Forum on 15th December 2022. Authorities, local governments, energy and power enterprises, financial institutions, research institutes, industry associations, technology innovation promotion organizations, etc. will be invited.

If you have interest in this event, please contact our event contact person via email. We will uniformly send the email of the applicants to the event organizer on next week.

Registration contacts: Ms. Qu Lei,cc Ms. Meng Chang