China LONGYUAN Power Group 105mW wind power project wind turbine procurement bidding

Longyuan Power Group has invited bids for wind turbines for two “replacing small with large” wind power technological transformation projects, with a total installed capacity of 105.24mw. They are: Longyuan Power Helanshan No.4 wind power plant 79.5mw wind power technology transformation project, Longyuan Power eling 25.74mw large generation small wind power project.

1. Bidding conditions

The name of this bidding project is: public bidding for the procurement of wind turbine equipment for the 79.5mw wind power technological transformation project of Helan Mountain No.4 wind farm of Longyuan Power Qingtongxia Longyuan new energy Co., Ltd. the bidding number of the project is: cezb220005750. The tenderee is Qingtongxia Longyuan new energy Co., Ltd. the project unit is Qingtongxia Longyuan new energy Co., Ltd. and the source of funds is self raised. The bidding agency is National Energy Group International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. The project has met the bidding conditions, and now the domestic post qualification public bidding is carried out for the project.

2. Project overview and bidding scope


2.1 project overview, bidding scope and bid section (package) Division: Project Overview: the site of Ningxia Helan Mountain “replacing small with large” reconstruction project is located in Qingtongxia City under the jurisdiction of Wuzhong City, Ningxia, about 10km west of Qingtongxia railway station. The project plans to carry out 79.5mw equivalent capacity replacement.

Scope of bidding: the project has a capacity of 79.5mw, and 16 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 5MW are purchased (one unit is operated with reduced power), and the hub height is 110m and above. It includes wind turbine and its accessories, tower, flange and accessories in tower, embedded anchor bolt assembly of fan foundation (including adjusting bolt), tensioner used for anchor bolt installation, and elevator in tower (including installation). The equipment shall be transported to the designated position of the bidding man-machine position (delivery of the vehicle board). At the same time, it also includes all necessary materials (including but not limited to: monitoring system, cables, bolts, oil grease, etc.), spare parts, special tools, lifting tools, a set of bolt fastener inspection samples (free), a piece of bottom flange for the buyer to carry out destructive tests (free), consumables, design, technical data and technical services. See the relevant provisions of the technical part of the bidding document for details.

Delivery date: August 30 to October 30, 2022.


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