Konsberg marine’s ship technology vigorously promotes the sustainable development of offshore wind power industry

Konsberg marine provides the world’s advanced technical system for wind turbine installation ships, which can effectively improve ship performance, employee occupational safety and energy efficiency. “The scheme we designed for the wind turbine installation vessel fully shows that we have invested a lot of effort and energy in promoting and promoting sustainable offshore operations,” said EGIL haugsdal, President of COSPAR maritime.

Offshore wind farms have the potential to provide more electricity than the world’s electricity demand. In order to obtain wind energy efficiently, the wind turbine becomes larger, higher and more powerful. At the same time, the wind farm is farther and farther away from the sea. All these factors lead to higher cost for the company to install fans, and increase the work risk of employees. In addition, even if the wind farm itself generates clean energy, most wind turbine installation vessels (wtiv) still operate on fossil fuels, which will generate a large carbon footprint.

To address these challenges, the offshore wind power industry needs innovative solutions to reduce costs, improve occupational safety, and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Konsberg marine provides advanced solutions for wind turbine installation vessels

Konsberg marine combines the advanced technology of the product line to solve specific needs for wind turbine installation vessels (wtivs). The advanced dynamic positioning (DP) system combines the integrated propulsion system, energy control system and sensors to jointly ensure the accuracy of heavy-duty operation.

These technologies are combined with different systems, such as engines, power systems, including batteries, deck machinery, control and safety systems, so that the ship has better performance.

Konsberg maritime’s wtiv solution can significantly reduce the cost of wind farms. Shipyard can reduce the working hours of design, wiring and installation. As installation becomes more efficient, shipowners and operators will also reduce operating costs. The designer of the ship will work with COSPAR maritime to provide solutions to release space for the new ship, reduce the weight of the ship and ensure efficient coordination.

Source: The Explorer