China Datang Group Bidding for 152MW fan frame

On March 18, Datang Group issued the 2022 framework bidding for wind turbine and auxiliary equipment, with a total of 152mw.

  1. Basic Information

1.1 project name: wind turbine and auxiliary equipment of China Datang Group Co., Ltd. in 2022

Procurement – Datang Huangmei Konglong 50N “wind storage integrated power generation project”

1.2 name of subject matter: wind turbine and auxiliary equipment

1.3 fund source: self raised by Datang Group

1.4 construction site: see 111 bidding scope for details

15. Construction scale: see 111 bidding standard for details

1.6 planned construction period: see 1.11 bidding scope for details

1.7 project introduction: Datang huangmeikongliang 50m wind storage integrated power generation project

18. The tenderee: China water resources and electric power materials collection and closing Co., Ltd

1.9 bidding agency: Beijing Guodian Engineering Tendering Co., Ltd

1.10 project unit: refers to the end user of the equipment


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