Beijing “14th five year plan” for electric power development printed and distributed

Recently, The Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management has issued the “Beijing electric power development plan for the 14th Five Year Plan period”.

In terms of power generation installed capacity, by 2025, the installed capacity of local power generation in Beijing will reach 15.33 million kW (including emergency standby power), and the installed capacity of renewable energy will reach 4.35 million KW, accounting for about 28% of the total installed capacity. By 2025, 30 billion kwh of green electricity will be transferred out, accounting for about 21.4% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society.

In terms of power grid construction: by 2025, the 500 kV external power receiving channel of Beijing power grid will be increased from the current 12 channels and 26 circuits to 18 channels and 37 circuits, and 6 channels and 11 circuits will be added. The transmission capacity of the external power receiving channel will reach 43 million KW.

In terms of the construction of the main network structure: the main power grid forms a network structure of “one ring – nine areas – six in-depth”, 220 kV forms nine power supply zones, realizes “zone operation and section connection”, forms a strong power grid with reasonable structure, efficient operation, safety and reliability, and ensures to meet the needs of large-scale external power collection and new energy consumption.

In terms of distribution network construction: the new (transformed) 110 kV and below substation capacity is 14.61 million KVA. We will basically build a safe, reliable, cost-effective, flexible, advanced, green, low-carbon and environment-friendly intelligent distribution network. The power supply reliability rate of the whole city has reached 99.996%, and the peak load clipping capacity of the power grid has reached 3% – 5% of the maximum power load.

In terms of electric energy substitution: electric energy accounts for 29% of the final energy consumption. By the end of 2025, the total scale of charging piles in the city will reach 700000, and the scale of replacement power stations will reach 310. The average service radius of electric vehicle public charging facilities in plain areas is less than 3 kilometers.

In terms of future long-term goals: looking forward to 2035, the power demand in Beijing will continue to grow steadily, and the maximum load is expected to reach 40million kW, which will be guaranteed by relying on 19 channels, 40 circuits and 500 kV external power receiving channels. The city has basically achieved coal free (except for emergencies), and green electricity accounts for more than 35% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society. Beijing power grid will become a world-class power grid with strong network, reasonable structure, flexible operation and green intelligence.


Source: BMCUM