Weichang County Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II project

Progress stage: engineering design
Construction period: March 2016 – December 2017
Major equipment: hoist, pumps, valves, turbine, glass pipes, automation and control systems, pipes, manholes, sludge thickening machine, suction machine, Mixer, submersible pumps, cranes, testing equipment, instruments, meters, analytical instruments, ozone generator. (for reference only)
Project Description:
The project is located in Chengde City Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County, Hebei Province, Lei word siheyong town village seven groups, the total construction area of 2,105 square meters, including New: a water plant, the daily processing capacity of 50,000 tons, a 2 Simply decorated storey complex building, a 2-storey laboratory building simple decoration.
The total investment is 40 million yuan.