Water Management in China’s Apparel and Textile Factories

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) issued a report in April on ”Water Management in China’s Apparel and Textile Factories.” The report summarizes the activities and findings of the first phase of the Water Quality Initiative in China. A joint effort by Business for Social Responsibility and the Center for Water Research at Peking University, the Initiative has two expected outcomes: 1) improvements in water quality management and water use in apparel factories (textile manufacturers, dye houses and laundries/washing facilities); and 2) decreased water risk in the China-based supply chains for global apparel companies and retailers.
The Water Qualitive Initiative in China was launched in an effort to uncover additional innovative tools and approaches to compliance strategies that can accommodate specific local economic and social interests, with a longer term objective of bringing into alignment economic growth and responsible management of water and natural resources in the region.