Tingri County wave reservoir reinforcement project

Progress stage: construction preparation (2015-06-11, until mid-June 2015, the project is in the construction tender stage)
Construction period: July 2015 – July 2016
Major equipment: hoist, pumps, valves, turbine, glass pipes, automation control systems, pipes, manholes, sludge thickening machine, suction machine, Mixer, submersible pumps, cranes, testing equipment, instruments, meters, analysis equipment, ozone generator. (Reference)
Project Description:
Project is located in Tingri County, Xigaze, the construction scale: dam, dam abutment seepage, reservoir dredging, seepage, additional slope protection, check dams, retaining walls and other facilities.
The total investment is unknown.

Construction units: Tingri County People’s Government
Postal address: Tingri County, Xigaze
Postal Code: 857058
Contact: Mr. Tseten Tashi
Tel: 13908927689