This Year’s First Offshore Wind Turbine (Including Tower) Project Starts Bidding! 400 MW!

Tender Notice for Goods and Services of Wind Turbine Set (including tower) of CR Power’s Cangnan 1# Offshore Wind Power Project

Tender Announcement number SZBGG2021090086

Basic information of the project

Location: Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Project scale: 400MW

Project funding source: self-raised

Bidding Number: S03049221SZ0004P1

Project name: CR Power’s Cangnan 1# Offshore Wind Power Project

Section name: Goods and services of wind turbine (including tower)

Bidding content: To purchase equipment and related services for wind turbines (including towers) with a total capacity of no less than 400MW. According to the project data provided by the tenderee, within the range of available machine sites, the bidder should recommend microcosmic machine sites and bidding models in line with the safety load calculation according to the principle of “selecting single pile foundation to the maximum extent”; Sites that cannot use single-pile foundation shall use jacket foundations. The single capacity of the bid model should not be less than 5MW.

Acquisition of bidding documents

September 08, 2021 — September 15, 2021

Online sale in China Resources Group shou Zhengzheng electronic bidding platform (, do not accept on-site purchase.

Time and place of bid closing/opening

Bid closing/bid opening time: 2021/10/11 09:00:00 (Beijing time, subject to change to be notified)

Bid closing/bid opening venue: Online bid Opening Hall (subject to change to be notified).