The First International Forum on New Energy in China

2006 is the first year of the Eleventh Five-year national Plan in China, and it is also the first execution year of the China Renewable Energy Law. To better understand the government policy on new energy industry, to build a financing platform for the new energy enterprises and to enhance the communication and co-operation in the new energy field between China and foreign countries, China New Energy of Commerce plans to hold the First International New Energy Forum in the Great Hall of the People on 8th December 2006 in Beijing. Policy and financing are the topics of this year’s forum. Government officials, entrepreneurs, scholars and social worthies will gather here to exchange ideas and discuss development strategy of the new energy industry. An opening multi-platform involving policy, market, technology and capital will be established in this forum, which aims to promote the new energy industry development in China. The conference agenda also includes the issuance of “Annual Report of China’s New Energy 2006” and the proposal of establishing “China’s New Energy Industry Investment Fund”.

Date: January 13th
Location: The Great Hall of People in Beijing

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