Tenders for 2 wind power parity EPC projects of China Huaneng Group

Bidding Announcement for PC Contract of Jingkai District Energy network Pilot Wind Power Project (250MW) of Huaneng Heilongjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd

Location: Ranghulu district and Jingkai district of Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

Description: wind farm site is in the northern Ranghulu district of Daqing city in Heilongjiang province.  The distance between the site and Ranghulu district is about 23 km, geographical coordinates between 124.590579 ° and 124.812923 ° east longitude, latitude 46.766087 ° and 47.020670 °, about 18 km wide from east to west, and 26 km long from north to south.

The altitude of the site is between 143m and 148m, and the site’s terrain is plain.

The site area has G10 highway and G301 national road to the east, S214 provincial road to the northwest and S505 provincial road to the southwest.

Several village roads are distributed in the field, and the traffic is more convenient for both inside and outside.

The project’s installed capacity is 250MW, planning to install 1 turbine with a capacity of 3MW, 76 turbines with a capacity of 3.25MW.

A new 220kV booster station is built in this project, and the capacity of 250,000 kW is connected to the 220kV booster station of the new wind farm.

Bidders can refer to the tenderer to provide the feasibility study report of site layout drawing. Bidders can choose the turbine model based on the site-selection conclusion. The capacity of a single turbine should be 2.5 MW ~ 3.3 MW, blade 140 m and above, tower drum more than 140 m, the total capacity of not less than 250 MW (can slightly exceed 250MW but shall not be bigger than a single minimum bid turbine capacity).

The bidder can provide the optimal plan according to the actual resources and site conditions to ensure the maximum capacity, utilization hours and profitability.

Acquisition time of bidding documents: from 9:00 March 4, 2021 to 17:00 March 9, 2021.

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