Sponge city construction projects in Shenzhen can start applying for rewards

Recently, the Water Bureau of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, released a notice about the initiation of applying for rewards on construction projects of Sponge city.

The rewards can be claimed from now on to July 23, and huge financial rewards can be obtained.

It is understood that in 2021, Shenzhen Sponge City construction projects awards are divided into ten categories, and they are

1. New projects using social capital (including the demolition and reconstruction) along with the construction of sponge city facilities

2. Renovation of the current sponge city felicities using social capital

3. Sponge city construction-related industry standards or specifications

4. High-quality sponge city construction project

5. Sponge city construction projects excellent in planning and design

6. The best construction award of the sponge city project

7. Sponge city prize for excellent supervision of construction projects

8. Sponge city construction outstanding research achievement award

9. Sponge City Research Institute (Platform) Establishment Award

10. PPP Project Preliminary Research Award

Application to each award category shall be in the form of a “dedicated article”, that is, the content involved in each award application shall be separated, and the award criteria, application conditions, handling procedures, declaration time and address, declaration materials, and application form and content of relevant financial award funds shall be defined.

The main form of the selection is the centralized evaluation of experts.

The applicant shall submit the application materials for Sponge City Construction Fund Award to the Shenzhen Municipal Water Bureau before 17:30 on July 23, 2021. After the deadline, the application materials will not be accepted.

(Except for the scheme confirmation stage of the special reconstruction award for the sponging of existing facilities of social capital projects, which will be accepted all year round. The department and address of application materials acceptance are Sponge Office of each district (new district).)

Address: Paper materials and electronic materials (electronic CD) should be submitted to Office 1010, ShuiYuan Building, No. 1098, Lianhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.