Renewables 2020 – Analysis – IEA

In May 2020, the IEA market update on renewable energy provided an analysis that looked at the impact of Covid-19 on renewable energy deployment in 2020 and 2021. This early assessment showed that the Covid-19 crisis is hurting – but not halting – global renewable energy growth. Half a year later, the pandemic continues to affect the global economy and daily life. However, renewable markets, especially electricity-generating technologies, have already shown their resilience to the crisis. Renewables 2020 provides detailed analysis and forecasts through 2025 of the impact of Covid-19 on renewables in the electricity heat and transport sectors.

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For the first time, Renewables 2020 includes a dynamic data dashboard enabling users to explore historical data and forecasts for all sectors and technologies. You can find links to jump directly to the Renewables 2020 Data Explorer throughout this report. The associated Renewables 2020 dataset gives full access to all of the data available in this dashboard, plus additional premium data for all sectors and technologies, including additional historical years.


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