Qinghai Huang Nangui Germany county 2016 small water conservancy key county project

Progress stage: engineering design
Construction period: July 2016 – June 2017
Main equipment: grill, pumps, piping, pipes, valves, automation control systems, submersible pumps, cranes, lightning protection and grounding, flowmeters, transmitters, ozone generator, anti-fishing type grate discharge machine. (for reference only)
Project Description:
The project is located west of the town and the town LAXIWA Guide County, Qinghai Province, a water conservancy development, supporting the main canal water port 24, the channel protective wall length 1.077km; lining canals total length 225.138km, wherein: the main channel 31, long 46.322km, 68 branch canals, long 64.947km, Douqu 381, long 113.869km, all kinds of buildings canal totaled 12,914, of which the axle 387, temporary bridge 772, Doumen 271, crossing culvert 18, drainage trough 23 aqueduct 73 total length 1864.7m, 2960 or water, steep slope 106, agricultural population 8203, weirs 101, 1.3 million mu of arable land to improve. The main building level 5, and other temporary building level 5.

The total investment is 42 million yuan.