Offshore Wind Farm Projects in Zhanjiang Kicked into Full Gear


On the first day of the new year, the commencement ceremony of the second phase project of Guangdong Yudean Zhanjiang Wailuo Offshore Wind Power Project was held in Baimao Village, Jinhe Town, Xuwen County.

It is reported that the project (Phase II) has an investment of 3.789 billion yuan and the total installed capacity of the project is 203.5 MW. It is planned to install 37 offshore wind turbine generators with a stand-alone capacity of 5.5 MW.

After the project is completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the annual on-grid electricity will be about 484 million kWh, which will save about 150,000 tons of standard coal consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 400,000 tons, smoke and dust by about 16 tons, and sulfur dioxide by about 55 tons. The benefits regarding economic efficiency and environmental protection are not to be overlooked.

Yang Haisheng, head of the preparatory group for the wind power business segment of Yudean Group, pointed out that the Wailuo offshore wind power project is located in the offshore area of Xinyi Island and the east of the outer land of Xuwen County. It is invested by Guangdong Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. and is synchronized in the first and second phases. Advancing construction, the two projects are adjacent to each other and share a land-based centralized control center with a total installed capacity of about 400,000 kilowatts and a total investment of about 7.5 billion yuan. The first phase of the project completed the lifting task of the first wind turbine on December 6, 2018, and the construction progress was far ahead in the projects approved by Guangdong Province in the same period. After the completion of the first and second phases of the project, it is estimated that the annual power generation will be about 950 million kWh, and the annual output value will be about 800 million yuan. The annual consumption of standard coal will be reduced by about 300,000 tons and the carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 800,000 tons. With the aims to create good social and economic benefits and environmental protection benefits, the provincial government has announced their commitment to provide strong support for Zhanjiang to build an important growth pole in Guangdong.

The public has also been informed that in year 2019, the county of Xuwen will have 69 important pilot projects, among which 35 are continued projects from previous years. 7 projects are to receive direct and full funding from the provincial government totaling 8.43 billion yuan. The city of Zhanjiang (which is host to the county of Xuwen) is to invest 3.83 billion yuan and close to 2.9 billion yuan will be put in place before the 11th of January. Renewable energy projects aside, the city of Zhanjiang has made remarkable progress in public infrastructure and social welfare. Just last year, the city has completed the extension and refurbishment of the busy Zhan-Xu motorway, the motorway that leads to the entrance of the Xuwen harbor and the Rehabilitation Centre for the Invalid of Xuwen County. In sum, the city’s investment in fixed public asset is projected to grow by an amazing 31.7%.