MOU Signing Ceremony and High-Level Reception Held at the Royal Norwegian Embassy


The MOU Signing Ceremony between Innovation Norway and China Wind Energy Association (hereafter as the CWEA) and the High-Level Reception of the Chinese-Norwegian Wind Industry were held at the ambassador’s residence in the Royal Norwegian Embassy on March 19th, 2019.

During these events, both the leadership team of the Royal Norwegian Embassy and representatives from the elite echelon from Chinese and Norwegian wind energy corporations were present to bear witness to the strengthening of ties between the 2 major international wind promoters, namely Innovation Norway and the CWEA.

The evening commenced with the address from the Embassy’s Charge D’affaire and interim ambassador, Mr. Mattis Raustøl, who extended a warm welcome to the attendees and expressed the desire to increase bilateral cooperative opportunities in the wind power sector. The speech from the Vice Party Secretary of the city of Yangjiang, Mr. Chen Jin, ensued. In addition to voicing his gratitude to Innovation Norway, the CWEA and the Norwegian Embassy, Vice Party Secretary Chen delivered a summarization of the progress of Yangjiang’s wind power sector in recent years, and stressed the huge and potential-ridden cooperative environment that Yangjiang could provide. He then extended to all guests an invitation for the upcoming Global Offshore Wind Summit to be held in Yangjiang, with an appeal that the most advanced international experiences be shared upon the Summit and blended into the future practices of Yangjiang and by extension, the entire wind-rich province of Guangdong.

Subsequently, the Regional Director for China of Innovation Norway, and the Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy, Mr. Knut Sørlie, delivered his remarks, which landed on the will to maintain a close, functional and effective relationship with the CWEA, and the vision to further broaden the cooperative platform of the Chinese-Norwegian wind sector based upon the good rapport between Innovation Norway and the CWEA. These sentiments were echoed in the speech given by Mr. Qin Haiyan, the Secretary General of the CWEA. And on a more specific note, Secretary Qin delivered the heartening message that the communicative channels between Chinese and Norwegian wind enterprises could be widened through a coordinated boost of wind commercialization and wind-tech innovation and transfer.

The evening concluded with the remarks of the Business Development VP of Equinor, Mr. Knut Moritz Aanstad. On behalf of Equinor, Mr. Aanstad reiterated the company’s commitment to deepening cooperation with Chinese companies in wind power exploration and harvesting and in the entire renewable sector writ large.

The signing of the MOU might be best seen as confirmation to the enhancement of corporate communication and collaboration between Chinese and Norwegian wind power companies, which might serve as the springboard for win-win arrangements and overall sectoral co-development, the gateway leading to new levels of mutual trust and assistance, team effort and mutually ensured prosperity has now been opened.