Lixian lake and river network connectivity Ecological water conservancy project

Progress stage: under construction
Construction period: March 2016 – March 2018
Main equipment: grill, pumps, piping, pipes, valves, automation control systems, submersible pumps, cranes, lightning protection and grounding, flowmeters, transmitters, ozone generator, anti-fishing type grate discharge machine. (for reference only)
Project Description:
The project is located within the town of Changde City, Hunan Lixian Zhang Gongmiao West and Li, Li Yang, Li shop, Li Dan and other four street area, the construction of a water conservancy project, a total length of 30 km, comprising: a landscape project, five major diversion (cited Li Ji Ji Dan stained line, the old town north line running water, running water midline old town, old town Li River that is flowing water line south Xiangyang River, the new city water line) surrounding landscape engineering, hydraulic engineering and Li Zhang Gongmiao town West, Li Yang, Li shop, Li Dan and other four street five water line engineering, sewage interception works, the old town three lines interception project.

The total investment is 500 million yuan.