Investment seminars in Liaoning Province presenting, neec to Liaoning industry and investors

October 30-31, 2006: neec was invited to take part in a trip for the 9 country members of the ME9 club to present their companies and technologies towards the industry and investors in the Liaoning province.

 The ME9 Club is an initiative from MOFCOM to introduce the 5 Nordic countries as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland to dual investment opportunities within China.

The members were introduced to Shenyang City, the capital and industrial base of Liaoning as well as Fushun City earlier called the “Coal Capital” of China, and the birth place of the Qing Dynasty.


neec introduced the bilateral economic and trade relations between Norway and China, emphasizing our priority areas N&R energy and the environmental sectors.


neec was also ipresented as tool to find partners within the Norwegian market. Placing emphasise on the ongoing bilateral talks within energy efficiency and the environment between our two countries and also taking into account the vast challenges fazing  Liaoning as on of the countries national coal bases.


The ME9 club in Shenyang old city


Natural resources and Industry of Liaoning Province

Liaoning province is situated at the southern part of north east China. Liaoning is a key link between China’s northeast economic zone and the Bohai Sea Rim economic Zone. Liaoning is reach on mineral resources. It is also one of the main producers of coal, petroleum and natural gas in China. The Liaohe Oilfield is China’s third largest oil and gas field. Liaoning is richly endowed with rice, wheat, corn, cotton and soybean.

Liaoning is one of the main heavy industry bases in China, with more than 26.000 industrial enterprises, covering one tenth of the nation’s total. Metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical and building materials are the province’s pillar industries.

Liaoning is home to 364 various independent research institutes, 63 colleges and universities.

Over 100 out of the top-500-global companies have invested in Liaoning.


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Vibeke Skaiaa