Innovation Norway Awarded Outstanding Industrial Contributor by the CWEA


On January 20th, the CWEA (China Wind Energy Association), the top specialist institution in the nation, held its annual New Year Reception of China Wind Power Industry in the Sheraton Hotel Beijing.

This decadal tradition honoring a selection of outstanding contributors in the wind industry have been widely regarded as one of China’s most prominent platform for the assessment of past performance, the envision of future outlook, the sharing of sci-tech wisdom and the establishment and tightening of inner-industrial and inter-personal bonds.

The event has been conventionally characterized by a series of signature activities such as corporate penal discussions, the display of newly established industrial brands and, perhaps most importantly, the award ceremony dedicated to both individual entrepreneurship and institutional accomplishments throughout the previous year (2018). This year, the award ceremony commenced on a homey note, where the CWEA hosts played a video collage of all the new-year best wishes sent from each and every attending individuals and institutions which represented the power, wealth, knowledge and centripetal energy ranging from the spheres of research, design, engineering, manufacturing, commerce and finance. Among the honorees were domestic corporate giants such as Goldwind Science & Technology, newly emerged technological innovators such as Mywind Smart Energy, devoted financial backers such as the China Energy Foundation and distinguished industrial lubricant and advisory such as Innovation Norway.

The success of the CWEA annual Reception might be best understood as vectoring toward the strengthening of industrial synergy and the Association’s confidence in the growth potential of China’s wind energy sector. Meanwhile, the award presented to Innovation Norway might also signify the wind industry’s newfound accentuation on the diversification of communicative and cooperative channels between China and more advanced international players especially those originating from Norway.

Concretely, as one of the major usher and stage-setter in service of the wind energy sector, Innovation Norway has shown consistent commitment to interacting with various wind policy-makers, investors and industrialists in the past year. For example, Innovation Norway has been the chief organizer in multiple visits of Norwegian delegations to China, providing more business opportunities for companies from both countries. Furthermore, the service provided by Innovation Norway has gone beyond the introductory and match-making level, and has been extended to the participation in follow-up B to B sessions, corporate field trips and designated site visits. More recently, enabled also by the organizational works of Innovation Norway, an increasing amount of Chinese corporate representatives have been invited on visitation and inspection tours to Norway. This March, both Innovation Norway and the CWEA are to jointly lead 2 Chinese delegations to take part in tours purported to examine and gather first-hand experiences in the situation and prospect of the Norwegian wind energy industry.