Implementation Plan for International Cleantech Summit and 3rd Annual Meeting of 3iPET

NEEC is going to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office(FECO) of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection during this Summit.

In order to further promote the exchange and cooperation of national and international environmental protection technologies, and to keep actively providing technical support to the improvement of environmental quality and three campaigns against water, air  and soil pollution, Foreign Economic Cooperation Office(FECO), under an approval, plans to hold the international cleantech summit and 3rd annual Meeting of 3iPET themed “Advance Technical Innovation Serving the Improvement of Environment Quality” on June 6, 2018.

The meeting is scheduled to The meeting is scheduled to The meeting is scheduled to The meeting is scheduled to The meeting is scheduled to include the ceremonies of agreement signing for 3iPET strategic partners, certificate awarding for Top 100 Environmental Technologies, and the launching of Technical Service Alliance fro Industrial Parks. Consisting of four thematic sessions: international experiences and technologies of soil pollution management, innovative models of third-party management for industrial parks, and the roadshow for the 3rd Top 100 Environmental Protection Technologies Contest and International seminar on VOCs emission management and technology, the annual meeting will, based on the current focus of environmental protection work, share the development trends of global environmental technologies, cases ad experiences for the environmental technology innovation in improving environmental quality, and international experiences of environmental management for industrial parks.

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