Hebei province plans 43 hydrogen projects, including 21 in Zhangjiakou

Hebei Development and Reform Commission announced on March 31 a list of 43 key hydrogen projects in 2020. The projects range from hydrogen production, hydrogen energy equipment, hydrogen refueling stations, fuel cells, vehicle production, application demonstration, and technology research, covering the entire industry chain with a total investment of around 8.7 billion yuan.

The commission said Hebei would seize the opportunity of the 2022 Winter Olympics to construct renewable energy, with hydrogen as their priority. Among the 43 hydrogen projects planned, 21 are located in Zhangjiakou, the co-host city of the Winter Olympics.

According to Xinhua, Zhangjiakou plans to increase its annual hydrogen production capacity to 10,000 tonnes ahead of the event. The city expects to produce 38.1 tonnes of hydrogen a day and have 16 hydrogen refueling stations constructed by June 2021. The number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the Zhangjiakou competition zone is expected to reach 2,000 during the 2022 Winter Olympics.