Global Offshore Wind Declaration Unanimously Ratified at 2019 Yangjiang Summiy


The 2019 Global Offshore Wind Summit is held in the Cantonese city of Yangjiang from May 31st to June 2nd.

The Yangjiang Global Offshore Wind Declaration, which aims to both establish a stable and smooth global cooperation and communication mechanism and speed up the development of offshore wind worldwide, is unanimously ratified by the present representatives. At the current stage, over 20 internationally renowned institutions specializing in manufacturing, development, maintenance, finance, insurance and industrial research have been incorporated in the framework proposed by the Yangjiang Declaration, more institutions in the offshore wind sector are predicted to take part.

In more specific terms, the Yangjiang Declaration proposes that the developmental potential of global offshore wind is huge, based upon the industrial status quo and planning, and the overall pace of technological advancement, the cumulative installed offshore wind capacity is likely to reach 300 GW come 2030.

The Yangjiang Declaration also points out that the push for offshore wind can not only accelerate the global structural transformation of energy consumption, but also produce more positive socio-economic outcomes and direct investment, increased impetus for regional industrial structural upgrade and decreased unemployment rates. In addition, the development of offshore wind has proven to be beneficial for cutting-edge technological breakthroughs.

The ensure the realization of the 2030 goal, the Yangjiang Declaration makes accordingly 6 propositions, namely the enhancement of global cooperation, the promotion of technological innovation, the establishment of a fair and open market, the cultivation of talents, the encouragement of international flow of human capital, the construction of a strict health and safety security system, and the push for the merged development of offshore wind and other maritime industries etc.

Meanwhile, the Yangjiang Declaration discusses some possible next steps of action for the offshore wind industry, which includes regular industrial assessments, regular discussions on developmental goals and the conditions of the execution of the aforementioned 6 propositions. Also, the nations and corporations intending to promote offshore wind are advised to conduct joint research programs, host specifically themed workshops and seminars to probe into key issues and challenges, collected and publish relevant offshore wind data and information, organize the selection of outstanding individual or corporate contributors to the industry, provide more diversified training programs for emerging economies etc.

The full text of the Yangjiang Declaration (in Mandarin) can be accessed here.