Global Carbon Trading seminar in Tokyo presenting NEEC to Japanese industry

October 18, 2006: Innovation Norway, Tokyo office invited 80 Japanese R&D and industry representatives to a seminar on Global Carbon Trading at the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo. The participants could learn about the Norwegian experiences and technologies in this area, comparing with corresponding Japanese activities which gave room for discussions on cooperation opportunities. The ongoing projects and activities on Energy Management and Small-scale LNG production and distribution within NEEC in China were introduced and attracted attention from several Japanese companies who are active in China.


Per Christer Lund, Counsellor Sciense and Technology, IN Tokyo was seminar coordinator and presented "Norway as the energy nation".

Since introduction of global greenhouse gas emission trading schemes, Norway has been playing an active role in the European and global trade community.
Norway is active both on the trade facilitation arena – including operating formal allowances exchanges and as broker/information provider.
Norway is furthermore leading on technologies for CO2 capture, transportation and deposition – with the focus on EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) as a prominent example.
Within the emission trading community, leading Norwegian contributions were presented:

• Nordpool Consulting: The first formal exchange for transacting European Union Allowances (EUA) was organized by the Norwegian electricity exchange Nord Pool in January 2005.
• PointCarbon: One of the leading provider of independent analysis, forecasting, market intelligence and news for the power, gas and carbon emissions markets in the world
• Det Norske Veritas (DnV): Voted as one of the leading agents on verification and validation of CDM/JI projects world-wide.

CDM credit opportunities in China are increasingly attractive to Japan, actively searching for ways to fulfill the Kyoto Protocol commitments. NEEC’s members are involved in core priorities set by the Chinese Government for CDM projects; energy efficiency, renewable energy and utilization of coal-bed methane. The Japanese participants were eager to continue discussions on Norwegian business activities in these areas in China. Innovation Norway in Tokyo is currently following up on possible involvement of Japanese partners in NEEC.

Seminar program

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