Energy Management program in NEEC taking shape

December 11, 2006: Introduction of energy efficiency is one important way to reduce the environmental impacts of China’s energy use. NEEC is currently working on developing an Energy Management (EM) program in China to utilize Norwegian knowledge and experience in this area as a springboard for Norwegian energy efficiency products and services in the market. On Nov. 30, the EM task force had it’s 2nd workshop to discuss the further progress in developing this program.

 China’s energy intensity is considerably higher than OECD countries. As high as 69% of primary energy is coming from coal. The government has announced a target to only doubling it’s energy use while quadrupling GDP within 2030. In order to change the existing trend, knowledge and solutions on energy efficiency is increasingly attractive. Norwegian competence and experience in introducing Energy Management systems in industry and building sector in Norway, in East European countries and former Soviet states are key elements for the Task force members in NEEC’s Energy Management Program. The Task force is a group of currently 7 consultancy firms and research institutes/universities.

 The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO) has for years had cooperation with their counterpart China Enterprise Confederation (CEC), having more than 50 000 member companies, on management education and training. NEEC has now agreed to develop and implement a targeted EM program together with these partners in China.

 The 2nd Task force workshop touched upon the specific products of an EM program, such as establishment of local industry networks, tailor-made training program for selected companies, energy planning tools for municipalities, MBA programs hosted by a Chinese university and last but not least introducing Norwegian products and services to the established EM networks locally in China.

 A 2-day kick-off seminar is planned at two different locations in China for latter half of March 2007. This will be the venue to discuss concrete experiences and to identify the most suitable way and place to implement activities under the program. Industry sectors where Norwegian competence and experience would be attractive seem to be Aluminum, Metallurgical, Pulp and Paper, Building sector.

 To read more about the EM program, please see the presentation from the Task force work shop.

Agenda 2nd Workshop Energy Management China (PDF)