World Energy Outlook Special Report 2017: Energy Access Outlook

Released in October 2017, this special World Energy Outlook Report by International Energy Agency (IEA) produce a ground-breaking and in-depth examination of the prospects for, and pathway to, modern energy access for all by 2030.

More specifically, this report:

– Expands and updates the WEO’s country-by-country electricity and clean cooking access database, and assesses the status for all developing countries, reviewing recent trends and policy efforts up to 2016

– Presents a global and regional electricity and clean cooking access outlook to 2030, with a dedicated chapter on sub-Saharan Africa

– Provides a pathway for achieving access to modern energy for all by 2030, identifying policy priorities, detailing investment needs, and the role that decentralised and on-grid solutions may play

– Analyses how energy development can unleash economic growth in sectors such as agriculture, and explores how energy access intersects with other issues such as gender, health and climate change

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