About Eksportfinans

Eksportfinans is the Norwegian export credit agency for Export Financing.  Owned by a consortium of banks operating in Norway, as well as the Norwegian Government, Eksportfinans is the sole and exclusive operator of the government supported export financing in Norway. Established in 1962, they deliver long-term, competitive financing that aims to contribute to the success of projects within the export sector and the Norwegian public sector.

Eksportfinans arranges loans for the following:

  • Exports: Export of goods and services for maritime sector, offshore and land based business.
  • Investments: Financing of Norwegian exporters’ investments, buy-outs or other projects abroad.
  • Banks: Eksportfinans works closely with Norwegian banks

Ekportfinans finances up to 85 per cent of the contract amount (Capital goods) and up to 80 per cent (Vessels) and offers repayment periods of 2-15 years. They provide loans in most convertible currencies. Disbursement of funds takes place at delivery of goods. Financing is dependent on adequate risk coverage from the The Norwegian Guarantee Institute for Export Credits (GIEK) and/or a commercial bank approved by Eksportfinans.

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