CNPC Drilling Platform Contribute To Offshore Wind

In late August, the installation of the No. 57 turbine of the H8 wind farm in Dafeng Sea, Jiangsu province was successfully completed on the number 3 platform provided by CNPC Offshore Engineering. This is the first time for the CNPC drilling platform to support offshore wind. This once again shows the company’s determination on developing new energy.

The platform is the first sitting platform built by CNPC Offshore Engineering, which is suitable for shallow sea areas that are within 10 meters of water depth.

On June 4, the number 3 platform was renovated and put into use in only 40 days.

On August 1, the platform was towed to the predetermined area and successfully completed its first bottom-setting operation.

On August 19, the platform was successfully moved to the first turbine location and completed ballast, officially launching one-year offshore wind installation support services.