Clean Fuels Finance Forum

Event Summary

The first global conference dedicated to financing clean fuels

Conference highlights:
• Global investment opportunities and risks in the ethanol,biodiesel,fuel cell, CTL and biomass-to-liquids sectors
• Includes a Project and Technology Investment Forum
• Optional Workshop on investments in private clean fuel companies

Who will attend CFFF?
• Institutional Investors
• Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists and Hedge Funds
• Developers, EPC Contractors and Manufacturers
• Agricultural Companies and Traders
• Fund and Asset Managers
• Investment Banks and Brokers
• Oil Majors

Event Description

Euromoney Energy Events Clean Fuel Finance Forum is the first conference to systematically explore and examine global investment opportunities across the clean fuel value chain. Experts from the ethanol, biodiesel,coal-to-liquids and biomass-to-liquids sectors will meet with regulators and politicians as well as financiers and investors to debate the most viable and cost-effective options for increasing the production, distribution and use of alter native fuels for road transportation.

Investment, particularly in biofuels, is booming on the back of higher oil prices, energy security fears, limited spare refinery capacity and concerns about greenhouse gas emissions. Production could rise to 1.2 million barrels a day in 2011, almost double the 2005 production of 0.65 million barrels.

However, there are still significant uncertainties in the outlook for biofuels, particularly in relation to competition for land and water with the food stock sector, and the fact that the sector is heavily dependent on high oil prices and government subsidies.

Second generation technologies, fuel cells and other unconventional hydrocarbons, such as CTL and GTL could expand the supply of clean fuels. Those technologies however still require further investment on their path to commercialisation and need to prove their viability.