Chongqing Environmental Survey

In 2005 Innovation Norway Beijing, supported by NORAD, decided to accomplish this survey with the intention to benefit increased Norwegian commercial activity in the Chongqing/Three Gorges area in China. With increased Norwegian activity Norwegian interests can also help to benefit the work to prevent growing environment problems in the Chongqing/Three Gorges Area.

China holds a history of greatness. In modern times, after 1978 with the “opening” of China to the outside world by Deng Xiao Ping, China has again emerged as an economical and political superpower on the global arena. If you travel to China you will experience China’s large manmade constructions, relics etc. from present and and ancient times, it’s great people and culture, beautiful scenery and scenes of daily life, and todays booming development, which all in all will make you impressed and astonished.

But, China’s greatness is at stake. Today the country faces the severe challenge of environmental degradation. China’s central authorities are investing large resources to deal with this increasing problem and at the same time proposing to foreign countries and expertise to help them out of this crisis. 

In this survey Innovation Norway Beijing will present you with the environmental situation facing the Chongqing/3 Gorges area in China. We do this with the expectation that we could help to solve some of the environmental problems facing the area, which again can create market opportunities for Norwegian commercial interests.

The survey is not a  “in depth” analysis of all environmental problems and neither a detailed “instruction manual” to you about how to proceed, but rather an “introduction” with relevant advises which should help you to consider your first commercial step into this fabulous part of China. 

We do hope you will enjoy your reading and please do not hesitate to contact Norad or Innovation Norway Beijing for questions or assistance.

Donwload the Report:

Chongqing Environmental Survey, April 2006, PDF