Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA)

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Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA) was founded in 1981. It is a non-profit social entity officially registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. CWEA consists of President, Vice President, and Committee Members. The secretariat of CWEA is a permanent office responsible for daily affairs. There are several work groups within CWEA, including Wind Resource Group, Rotor Blade Group, Gear Box Group, Electric Control Group, Wind Pump Group, Wind Farm Group, Offshore Wind Power Technology Group, General Technology Group, Bearing Group and Education Group.

CWEA’s mission is to function as a window of Chinese wind society to the world, promoting international academic and technical cooperation, bridging the government and enterprises, establishing good relationships with domestic and overseas wind societies, and building the consensus of the public toward renewable energy.

The members of CWEA include corporate members and individual members from scientific research, designing, manufacturing, application, education to administration departments of wind sector. Institutions and experts of wind energy are warmly welcomed to join CWEA and dedicate their efforts to technology progress and industry development of wind energy in China and the world.

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