China Huaneng is Pre-bidding for 500MW Offshore Wind Project

On March 18, the feasibility study of Huaneng Yuhuan No.2 offshore wind power project and the pre bidding for the required preliminary special services.

According to the announcement, Huaneng Yuhuan 2 offshore wind farm is located in the sea area east of Yuhuan City, Taizhou. The center point of the site is 33km offshore and the water depth is 27 ~ 40m. The site area is in a parallelogram, 10.6km long from east to west and 7.4km wide from north to south. The site area is 80km2 and the planned capacity is 500000 kW. This bid section is: the feasibility study of the project and the required preliminary special services.

The feasibility study includes: the whole process task of the feasibility study, and complete the relevant work according to the relevant national and power industry standards and content depth requirements. Meet the requirements of the tenderee for project approval, audit, etc.

The required topics include but are not limited to: navigation condition impact assessment, marine environment impact assessment, submarine pipeline impact assessment, navigation safety impact assessment, adjustment demonstration of marine protected areas, impact demonstration of submarine cable routing channel crossing marine functional zoning, special topic of submarine cable centralized corridor planning, reactive power review report of access system, overvoltage special study, power quality assessment, land area environmental assessment, submarine cable crossing embankment flood control impact assessment Submarine cable route survey, ecological compensation and ecological restoration implementation scheme, marine environment security and fine prediction, land approval of onshore metering stations, water and soil conservation of land-based facilities, etc. (except military topics). The above topics include their sub topics.

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