China Energy Data Report (2021) – Power

China Energy Data Report (2021) was launched recently, marking the sixth consecutive year that China Energy Information Research Center has published a report on China’s energy data.

The report describes China’s energy development with a large number of charts and data (available in the Chinese version of this article)

Here presents a short summary of the fifth chapter–Power

Power production

  1. The growth of power generation slowed down
  2. China’s installed power capacity reached 2.2 billion kW, up 9.5% year on year
  3. The structure of power generation capacity continued to be optimized, and the installed capacity of non-fossil energy reached a record high
  4. The scale of newly installed power generation capacity reached a record high, and new energy gradually became the main power source

Power consumption

  1. The whole society’s electricity consumption increased by 3.1% year on year, and the growth rate slowed down
  2. Primary industry’s electricity consumption and residential electricity consumption play a significant role in driving power consumption, and the power consumption structure continues to be optimized
  3. The utilization hours of hydropower and nuclear power equipment increased compared with the same period last year
  4. Major energy consumption indicators continued to decline, with coal-fired power units of ultra-low emission at 950 million kW

Power infrastructure

  1. Total investment in power increased by 9.6% year on year, the highest investment in nearly a decade
  2. The power investment structure was readjusted again, and the gap between power grid infrastructure investment and power source infrastructure investment continues to narrow.
  3. Investment in new energy increased sharply, and investment in thermal power declined for five consecutive years
  4. Investment in power grid decreased by 6.2% year-on-year, the lowest investment volume during the 13th Five-Year Plan period

Reform of the power system

  1. The supervision system of electricity transmission and distribution is basically improved
  2. The reform of the share-holding system of power trading institutions is accelerated
  3. The medium and long-term trading rules of electric power have been improved
  4. The trial operation of the long cycle settlement was carried out in the power spot market
  5. The power auxiliary service market covers the whole country
  6. The incremental power distribution is steadily reforming