China 2006 4thDongying Economic and Technologic Fair on Trade Cooperation

China 2006 4thDongying Economic and Technologic Fair on Trade Cooperation,which is organized by Dongying People’s government, will be held on 16th-19th Sept for the purpose of promoting the neccesary and beneficial cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign ones as well as strenthing bilateral trade relationship. Meanwhile, through this fair, foreign enterprises can know more clearly all key foreign cooperative projects in Dongying. Dongying government will extend both arms if foreign businessmen or enterprises come to register investment in Dongying.

Dongying covers an administrative area of and a total area of 7923 It has a porpulation of 1.8 million. The GDP of Dongying in 2002 was 46.5 billion RMB.

Dongying enjoys rich mineral and natural resources, which mainly cover petroleum, natural gas, halogen, coal, terrestrial heat, clay and conch. Dongying is also the biggest base place of petroleum industry. Shengli Oil Field is the second biggest one in China.

The economy and basical facilities developed very fast here. It has built a solid taffic net of sea, land, and air. It owns national first-class ports, possessing two quays over -5000t and three ones over- 3000t. Dongying ranks the first in Shandong in terms of electric power and telecommunication, being the biggest local place for power supplying.

Despite, Dongying provides a large number of foreign cooperative projects and tries to achieve their successful collaberation. Up to the end of 2002, there have been more than 4000 foreign projects put into production with a total investment of 4.42 billion RMB. Among them, the world top -500 enterprises also came to invest.

In order to achieve long-term and beneficial cooperation with you, we are honored to invite you as our distinguished guest of Dongying government to visit this fair.

You need to prepare nothing for the fair since the government will arrange a luxurious car fetching you in Beijing and free luxurious accomodation for you during your  this fair.


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