400 E-Taxis Put to Regular Use in the Capital of Qinghai Province


On Jan 4, Xinhua News reported that 400 new-model electric Taxis were officially put into operation in the city of Xining in the Great West of China. These new cars were to replace the same amount of conventional automobiles that had been recently honorably retired by Chengtong, the city’s largest taxi operator.

Chengtong’s confidence in the success of this new operation has been the good feedbacks obtained from the company’s pilot project launched in early 2018 which entailed the tentative use of 30 E-Taxis. According to Xinhua News, these 400 replacement E-Taxis would be model E5 manufactured by BYD. In addition, the exterior coloring of blue and white of the cars is seen by the citizens, as fitting to the broad and clear skyline of the highland city. The interior of this model is characterized by ample space, comfortable seating arrangements and its pure electric motor also ensures zero waste gas emission.

The city’s government has been supportive of the promotion of E-vehicles due to its beneficial effects on the innovation of green technology, the establishment of a low-carbon-emission economic system and the construction of an environmentally friendly city. In recent years, the government of Xining has given support to a selection of green-tech projects including the promotion of E-automobiles, and in accordance with it, the city has pledged increased effort in the maintenance of its over 1,800 charging stations and the sustained installation of more such facilities. These infrastructural measures are designed to provide convenience in Xining’s more complete transformation to EVs.