China Announces New National Standards for Wind Turbines


According to the most up to date reporting from BJX Wind Power Netwrok, 5 new national policies further regulating China’s soaring wind market are very close to taking effect.

Starting from the 1st of July, five new policies intent on wind standardization shall be implemented in replacement of the previous standards. Jointly issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation and National Standardization Administration, these policies include:

first, new standardization for the wind turbine testing procedures of grid adaptability, policy serial number GB/T 38994-2018;

second, the standardization for wind turbine blade full-size structural testing procedures, policy serial number GB/T 25384-2018;

third, fault voltage crossing ability testing procedures, policy serial number GB/T 36995-2018;

fourth, the permanent disk ironless core testing procedures, policy serial number GB/T 36996-2018;

and fifth, the wind turbine mechanical load testing procedures, policy serial number GB/T 37257-2018.

With the speeding up of China’s wind industry standardization, it might be advisable for potential market suppliers and contributor to take more notice of updates in this regard. BJX also provides a copy of the specification of grid adaptability testing procedures (namely the first policy), which is accessible here, and the original documents (which are understandably in Mandarin without official English translations) of all the above policies are accessible through the online search portals of the two issuing administrations, namely the State Administration of Market Regulation, or the National Standardization Administration.