2021 Norway China Offshore Wind Seminar successfully held in Shanghai

In cooperation with The Royal Norwegian Consulate General Shanghai, China Wind Energy Association (CWEA) and Norwegian Energy Partners, Innovation Norway in China have successfully held the 2021 Norway China Offshore Wind seminar in Shanghai, 27th April.


The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai was founded as one of Norway’s first independent Foreign Service missions in 1906. It strives to further develop Sino-Norwegian relations in this important part of China. One of its main priorities is the business promotion between China and Norway.

Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA) was founded in 1981. It is a non-profit social entity officially registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. One of CWEA’s missions is to establish good relationships with domestic and overseas wind societies and build the consensus of the public toward renewable energy.

Innovation Norway (IN) is the Norwegian government’s most important instrument for the innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. IN is the Norwegian government’s official trade representative abroad and assists Norwegian businesses to grow and find new markets. IN helps to reduce the risks associated with the establishment of a business with innovative ideas and technologies, and increase their chances to succeed, both at home and abroad.

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is an organization with a clearly defined objective: to support and assist in the internationalization of the Norwegian energy industry. NORWEP is acting as a catalyst for processes between Norwegian industry and international businesses and governments.

China has one of the largest offshore wind markets in the world.  Norway, as a powerful country in offshore oil and gas and marine business, has made a significant contribution to the international offshore wind market. Norwegian companies are involved in almost all major offshore wind projects in the world.

This seminar provides an excellent opportunity for relevant companies of both countries to learn about the latest developments in the market. It aims to strengthen the cooperation between Norwegian companies and Chinese companies in offshore wind r and promote the development and construction of offshore wind farms.


The seminar invited speakers from 10 well-known companies, including Equinor, SGIDI Engineering Consulting, CIMC Raffles, Shanghai Electric, DNV, Aker Solutions, OHT, Ulstein, Kongsberg Maritime, Passer, etc., as well as.

More than 140 representatives, including Chinese offshore wind developers and engineering design institutes, engineering companies, and downstream companies, gathered to share their insights on China’s offshore wind market and discuss its current state and future development trends.

In addition, the conference has also opened an online live stream so that audiences around the world can watch it in real-time from different locations.


Left: Mr. Rolf Peter Almklov, Commercial counselor. Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing/ Director of Innovation Norway China; Middle: Mr. QIN Haiyan, Secretary-General of Chinese Wind Energy Association; Right: Ms. Lise Nordgaard, the Consul General of Norway in Shanghai.


The first half of the conference mainly introduced the current situation and development trend of China’s offshore wind power market. The first half was hosted by Mr. Rolf Peter Almklov, the Commercial counselor. Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing/ Director of Innovation Norway China.

Then, Ms. Lise Nordgaard, the Consul General of Norway in Shanghai, delivered a speech and opened the seminar. In her speech, she said that the cooperation between China and Norway has a bright future and extended a warm welcome to the guests.5

Mr. Marc Courtemanche, president of Equinor China AS, also sent a video greeting for the seminar.


Mr. QIN Haiyan, Secretary-General of Chinese Wind Energy Association, delivered a speech on the potential of China’s offshore wind market and Sino-Norwegian Cooperation.

Ms. JIANG Juan, Chief Engineer of New Energy Design and Research Institute, SIDRI Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Mr. William PAN, Head of Offshore Wind APAC, DNV. Mr. WU Gai, President Assistant of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd, and Mrs. OUYANG Xin, General Manager and Head of Subsea China, Aker Solutions, made speeches, expressing their insights on the market trends of China’s offshore wind power development.

After a short coffee break, ushered in the second half of the seminar chaired by Director Qin.

The second half began with a video greeting from Mr. Jon Dugstad, Director Wind and Solar, Norwegian Energy Partners.

Then Mr. Fu Qiang, Mr. Fu QIANG, Director Marketing Dept./R&D Dept. of CIMC -Raffles, Mr. Rui PENG, General Manager China, Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT), Mr. Kirk DU, Deputy Managing Director of Ulstein China, Mr. CHEN Ying, Head of Segment Offshore of Kongsberg Maritime AS, and Mr. Hans LI, Market Adviser of PASSER Group, all delivered speeches, demonstrating the contribution that Norwegian companies can make to China’s offshore wind market in terms of the supply and transportation of offshore wind vessels.

After a short summary, the seminar successfully concluded.

This seminar resonates with what was described by Mr. Qin in his article “Under the target of carbon neutrality, China-Norway offshore wind cooperation expects promising prospects.” Norwegian companies started early on offshore wind and have rich experience. They can contribute expertise and resources to the development and management of offshore wind farms by leveraging their technological advantages and experience. Equinor, DNV, Aker Solutions and OHT have extensive experience in marine engineering, major component transportation, offshore wind farm development, installation, and maintenance. Also, they are role models in transforming traditional energy sources and driving economic growth through the offshore wind industry. Norwegian companies can leverage their advantages in technology and experience, work with Chinese strategic partners to expand the depth and breadth of business cooperation, provide the most suitable technology and solutions according to the development needs of different regions. They can help China optimize its energy structure, upgrade its industrial chain, and accelerate its cost reduction of offshore wind. China Power International Holding (CPIH), a subsidiary of State Power Investment Corporation, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Equinor to jointly develop offshore wind projects in China and Europe, opening a new chapter in the cooperation between China and Norway in offshore wind. I believe there is more room for cooperation and more potential between China and Norway in future offshore wind.