2 ¡Á 660 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired units desulfurization and denitrification projects

Progress stage: engineering design
Construction period: 2017 – 2018
Major equipment: desulfurization, denitrification equipment, dust removal equipment, mist, sludge dewatering system equipment, waste water treatment system equipment, absorber, a stirrer, a limestone unloading and delivery systems, corrosion chimney, plaster warehouse unloading scraper, bypass damper, ash pumps (including blender), screw-type air compressor. (for reference only)

Project Description:
The project is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province Peixian of 2 ¡Á 660MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired units Double Reheat flue gas desulphurization and denitrification process.

The total investment is 300 million yuan.